NEW -- Elleebana Lash Lift Adhesive SQUEEZE TUBE

NEW -- Elleebana Lash Lift Adhesive SQUEEZE TUBE


Work faster, Work Smarter! We are in LOVE with using this new squeeze tube adhesive! Larger size, lasts longer, use less….that all equals more money saved!

Elleebana’s Original Lash Lift adhesive is now available in a Squeeze Tube, making your applications go faster! You’ll use fewer disposable microbrushes and keep your adhesive fresh and clean!

Simply dispense a small amount of adhesive into a glue ring, mixing dish, or small cup. Use ONE microbrush to apply adhesive throughout the service. No more risk of double dipping! ⠀

The 10ml (more product too!!) resealable tube will minimize air exposure therefore extending the life of the adhesive up to 3 times longer than the previous packaging.

Recommended to replace 3 months after opening.

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